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Semiconductor Obsolete Devices

Rochester Electronics Inc. (REI) is the authorized distributor of discontinued semiconductors from Texas Instruments. Because many customers' production and spares requirements last for several years past life-time buys, there is a vital need for a reputable and reliable source for discontinued components.

All residual finished goods and die/wafers are shipped to REI after a device has been discontinued and life-time buy requirements are shipped. Finished goods consist of commercial to military grade components fully certified and traceable to TI. This product is stored in REI's military certified warehouse where it is under computerized inventory control. Die/wafer inventory consists of commercial to military grade, also certified and completely traceable to TI. Die/wafer inventory is stored in nitrogen-purged dry boxes located in REI's class 10,000 clean room. REI's manufacturing capabilities include commercial, industrial, military temperature, MIL-STD-883 compliant, SMD, space level and customer source control drawings (SCD'S). All are available in a wide array of package types.

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