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Does TI offer free samples?

Yes, TI offers free samples for over 20,000 active devices to design engineers to support new product designs and to qualify TI products in existing designs. You can request these samples on the TI web site. The list of available devices changes frequently as devices are added to and removed from the program.
Most TI devices are available for sale in multiple packages and temperature options. The TI Sample Program offers most but not all options. Usually, samples of only one temperature option are offered.

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How do I order samples?

To request samples, you must be registered in myTI. We recommend that you use your Corporate or University email address when setting up your myTI account. After you log in to my.TI, there are a few steps to request TI samples:

  1. Find and add the devices you need to your sample shopping basket
  2. Select the quantity of samples of each device
  3. Answer a few questions about how you will use the samples
  4. Verify your shipping and end customer addresses and the samples you entered.

The TI sample request web pages lead you through this process.

Please visit our page on How to Order Samples for a graphical guide to ordering samples with our system.

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How can I add devices to my sample cart?

You can request samples in many ways: the device product folder or directly on the sample shopping basket page. Links to available samples appear on the device product folder Sample or Buy table. Click the appropriate free sample button to add a device to your sample-shopping basket.

You can go directly to the TI Sample System by clicking on the Order Free Samples link under the Sample & Buy header menu item. Once in the sample system, you can search for and select devices to add to your shipping basket.

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How often can I request samples from TI?

TI accepts a limited number of sample requests from each user. The maximum number of requests varies by user and depends upon what type of TI customer you are.

You can enter additional requests. If you are over the limit, TI will hold your request for review. TI may accept or reject escalated requests. You will receive an email notice of the decision. Accepted requests are processed as normal. Rejected requests are not processed and you will receive a rejection confirmation email message.

Regardless of your TI customer type
, you will need to validate your email address with us by following the instructions in an email you receive after creating a myTI profile. If your sample request or access is denied, it may be that you have not validated your email address or TI has associated your account with some type of abusive behavior.

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Does TI send samples to every country?

TI is not able to ship all samples to every country. Export regulations, prohibitive taxes or tariffs, and availability of delivery service limit where TI can send samples. These restrictions are primarily built into the sample request process on If you enter a request that cannot be delivered, TI will send a cancellation confirmation email message to you.

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What about shipping and other fees?

TI is pleased to provide free product, order processing, and shipping for those who want hands-on experience with TI devices.
TI normally pays all customs fees and user taxes. FedEx is TI’s customs broker and charges these back to TI. A few countries will not allow TI to pay in which case the consignee must pay all applicable duties and tariffs. Also if your company or local customs office uses a third party delivery broker, then you the consignee will be charged all related customs fees.

Some countries charge a value-added tax (VAT) or user tax. In these countries you may be required to pay these fees when the samples are delivered.

You can always request that your sample order be returned to TI, even after it has been delivered to you.

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I used China (CN) as part of the shipping addressed when I requested a free sample. Why was I forwarded to the TI-China sample request Web page?

TI has a separate China Sample Program to give customers better service. You are asked to request samples on the TI-China Sample Request page in simplified Chinese to help speed processing and delivery of your request.

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Does the sample search system use wildcard characters?;

The TI Sample Search engine does not recognize wildcards (“*” when placed immediately before and/or after a search term). Instead, every search term used is naturally treated like part of a phrase by our search program.

Example: A search using the term “opa” will return every part number containing that text string. So, you should not use the term “opa*” if that is your intent.

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If I need a device that is not available for sampling, what do I do?

You should contact our team (TI’s Sample Team) at Request that a device be added to the program, and we will have it added, if doing so is at all possible.

You can also contact a TI sales representative or distributor and request samples.  If available to them via the TI sample system, a special request on your behalf will be submitted by the agent.

Please visit our technical support page to get in contact with a sales representative.

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How do I request samples of military devices?

The TI Sample Program does not offer military device samples. To obtain them, you must contact a TI Authorized Military Distributor. The reason is that they are able to provide you with the Certificate of Conformance required to use military samples

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How many samples can I request?

The maximum number of samples you can order is between 1 and 10 units depending on your user level. If, on the sample cart, you are asked to select your quantity from a dropdown menu, then your max is between 1 and 10 units. If you are asked to input your quantity in a text box, then your max is higher.

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What do I do if I need more samples than the drop-down menu will allow? (not all users will see a dropdown menu in their sample cart)

TI sales representatives  and authorized distributors have the ability to order larger quantities on your behalf to support valid design opportunities. 
Please visit our listing of local authorized distributors or contact your local TI product information center for TI sales office contacts.

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Why can I not use a post office (PO) box addresses?

TI uses FedEx to deliver sample packages. FedEx only delivers to physical addresses. That is why you must enter a street number and street name for your address. Post office boxes are not allowed.

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When will my samples be shipped?

TI ships 99% of the sample requests that are received by 5 PM CST (GMT -6), if the device is in stock. When your request is shipped, you will receive a sample shipment confirmation message by email. This message will show what was shipped, to where it was shipped and give the FedEx tracking number for the shipment.
Your request can be delayed if the information is not complete or is not valid. Your sample request must have your full name, full company name, street address, and telephone number. This information is required to ensure accurate delivery and compliance with export regulations. Please do not use abbreviations for any of the information above.

If the device you requested is out of stock, your request will be backordered. TI will hold your request until the samples are available again. You will still receive the confirmation message. The message will give you an estimated ship date. When the samples are available, your request will be shipped, and you will get another sample shipment confirmation email with the shipment information.

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How long will it take to receive samples after they are shipped?

TI ships samples worldwide from the United States. Delivery to other countries takes 2 to 5 working days. Within the US, delivery depends upon the method of shipment. It can be overnight, 2 days, or 5 to 7 days. Shipments to domestic China are delivered from our sample room located in China.  

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How can I check the status of my sample request?

The first place you can check is your sample shipment confirmation email to see the status of your sample request.

Otherwise, or if you have a device on backorder, you can view your order’s up-to-date status by following the “order history” link in your sample cart. It can be found in the left margin of the page, toward the bottom.

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What do I do if I requested the wrong device?

You can cancel your order by emailing our team (TI’s Sample Team) at Please make “Cancel My Sample Request: [Order Number]” your email’s subject, where [Order Number] is the order number assigned to you after you made the request you are cancelling.

You can also visit our technical support page to get in contact with a sales representative who can also cancel your request.

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How can I change the shipping address after I place an order?

In certain cases we can change a shipping address.  You can change your shipping address after placing an order by emailing our team (TI’s Sample Team) at

You can also visit our technical support page to get in contact with a sales representative who can also request the shipping address change for you.

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Why was my order cancelled?

TI reserves the right to refuse any order for any reason.  This can include export control restrictions, concerns about abuse, excessive ordering, improper use of free email domains or multiple myTI accounts for the same user, or prohibitive duties and tariffs imposed by customs. In the event that your order is cancelled or rejected, you will be notified by email.
The following is a detailed list of common reasons for order cancellation:

  1. The recipient company or the company designated as the sample’s end user is on the US Denied Parties List, so we cannot legally fulfill the request
  2. The recipient company’s or end use company’s name is abbreviated such that we cannot run a check against the US Denied Parties List. (N/A is considered such an abbreviation)
  3. The name of the human recipient or end user is abbreviated such that it cannot be run against the US Denied Parties List.  ex. Anand M.  ex. Abhi RV    
  4. An authorized distributor was listed as both the recipient and the end user of the sample(s) requested (As of June 2009, this is against TI Sampling Policy)
  5. The recipient’s address or end user’s address is invalid, as it was entered during the order process.  ex. Dallas, Texas is not in China  ex. 053 is not a valid City Name  ex. Shenzhen is not in Hong Kong  
  6. FedEx has temporarily suspended delivery to the recipient’s location.  ex. Certain cities in Japan after the Tsunami
  7. The company is a military entity or is designing on behalf of a military entity, so a Proper End Use Certificate is required but has not been obtained
  8. Could not determine that the Ship To or End Customer company was legitimate 
  9. The sample request submitted was not being used in a legitimate design.  ex. intent is for resale

If we determine that the address being used is a freight forwarder, your order will be cancelled and your myTI account will be blocked from further sampling.  This is a potential violation of US Government export regulations as our products have certain international restrictions that must be observed.  Use of freight forwarding makes is too difficult to adhere to said regulations. 

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Why does TI ask about my application and end equipment?

This information is used two ways. TI asks for this design information to better understand how our products are being used. This helps TI to provide the better solutions for your applications. Additionally, US Government export regulations require TI to know certain facts about how the samples will be used and by whom.

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Why does TI ask for End Customer contact information?

US Government export regulations require TI to know certain facts about who will be using TI product samples. We must know where our products are being shipped and the end user who will be designing with our products.

If you are both the Ship to contact and the End Customer, you simply need to answer “Yes” to the question “Is this address the same as the End Customer address?” on the Shipping address screen.  This will skip duplicate entry on the End Customer screen and save time.

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How can I get a certificate of compliance (C of C) for free samples?

TI does not offer certificates of compliance for free samples. If you need a C of C, please contact your TI sales representative or distributor.

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How will TI use my sample request information? Will a sales person contact me?

A sales person working for TI or one of TI’s authorized distributors may call you to ask you about your interest in our products. There are three reasons for this:

  1. If they can help you with one of your projects, this is their way of learning how.
  2. TI and TI’s authorized distributors use your feedback to improve our businesses.
  3. If we suspect abuse, we will contact you to verify the intended use of our products. 


TI does not sell or distribute your sample request information outside TI operations.

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I've received a "request entity too large" error. What do I do about this?

Doing a lot of address or address book edits or product searches can cause this to happen.

Clearing your browser’s cache (“clear all browsing history and cookies” or something similar) and logging out of the system for about 20 minutes nearly always overcomes this issue.

If that does not work, email us on the Sample Team at

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I’ve received a “general system error” when trying to submit my order.  What do I do about this?

Sometimes an address tied to an order gets corrupted. 

Clearing your browser’s cache (“clear all browsing history and cookies” or something similar) and logging out of the system for about 20 minutes nearly always overcomes this issue.

If that does not work, email us on the Sample Team at

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