Sensing Products

Capacitive touch microcontrollers

The most noise-immune capacitive sensing MSP430™ MCUs with CapTIvate™ technology


Single device enables support for buttons, sliders, wheels, proximity and through plastic, metal & glass overlays

Up to 64 buttons

Self and mutual capacitive touch solutions supporting up to 64 buttons as well as wheels and sliders

Low-power MCU

Programmable microcontroller with development kits, documentation and support to help you develop faster

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Technical resources

The MSP-CAPT-FR2633 kit quickly starts your capacitive touch application development

A one-stop resource for CapTIvate technology including tools, documentation, software examples and projects

TI Designs deliver tested reference designs with BOM, schematics and testing information

See what CapTIvate technology can do for your design to add capacitive sensing

The CapTIvate technology training series can get your design up and running quickly

The CapTIvate technology guide is the resource for capacitive touch

MSP430™ MCUs with CapTIvate technology

Product MSP430FR2532 MSP430FR2632
MSP430FR2533 MSP430FR2633
FRAM / RAM 8KB / 1KB 8KB / 2KB 16KB / 2KB 16KB / 4KB
Number of buttons*

Self-capacitance: up to 8

Mutual capacitance: up to 8

Self-capacitance: up to 8

Mutual capacitance: up to 16

Self-capacitance: up to 16

Mutual capacitance: up to 16

Self-capacitance: up to 16

Mutual capacitance: up to 64

Package 24-RGE (QFN)


32-RHB (QFN)


32-RHB (QFN)

*For more information on selecting CapTIvate devices view the technology guide


MSP430™ MCUs with FRAM and CapTIvate™ technology are the lowest power and most noise immune capacitive touch MCUs. With IEC61000-4-6 certified solutions and support for capacitive buttons, sliders, wheels, and proximity sensors through plastic, metal and glass overlays, CapTivate technology-based MCUs can easily add capacitive sensing to any application.