Sensing Products

Capacitive Sensing for any application

Capacitive sensing for presence, distance and flow measurement in any environment

Capacitance to digital converters

  • Proximity sensing in any environment
  • Enables improved industrial design
  • Cost effective industrial design solutions
  • Allows use of smaller sensors

Capacitive touch microcontrollers

  • MSP430™ MCUs with CapTIvate™ technology
  • Sliders, wheels, proximity and up to 64 buttons
  • Noise-immune, IEC61000-4-x certified solutions
  • < 5uA average power consumption
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Capacitance to Digital Converters

Capacitive Touch MCUs

Family FDC1xx, FDC2xx MSP430FR25xx/FR26xx
Number of channels 2 to 4 16 (self), 64 (mutual)
Integrated MCU No Yes
Power (Avg current) ~26uA
< 5uA
Auto Qual (Q100) Yes No
Temp range From -40C to 125C From -40C to 85C


Proximity sensing

Electronic locks

Smart e-meters

Miniature sensor transmitters



Building security keypads



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TI delivers the most comprehensive capacitive sensor solutions in the industry, offering noise-immunity, object detection, and proximity sensing in any environment. From AFEs to microcontrollers, TI offers high reliability, flexibility and ease-of-use. We also provide industry-leading capacitive sensing expertise and support with TI Designs reference designs, TI E2E™ Community support forums, product selection tools and robust technical content.