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MSP430™ FRAM Microcontrollers With CapTIvate™ Touch Technology

An overview of TI’s CapTIvate capacitive technology including noise immunity, moisture rejection and how to get started designing in 5 minutes.

Capacitive Proximity Sensing Using FDC2x1y

TI’s family of LC-based capacitive sensors include the FDC2214, FDC2212, FDC2114 and FDC2212

Getting Started With MSP MCUs With CapTIvate Technology (Rev. B)

A getting started guide with information on where to find documentation and collateral for MSP MCUs with CapTIvate technology.

FDC2114 and FDC2214 EVM User’s Guide (Rev. A)

The FDC2114/2214 EVM demonstrates the use of capacitive sensing technology to sense and measure the presence of position of target objects.

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Application notes

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Title Abstract Type Size (KB) Date Views
Quantifying Ice and Frost Buildup Using Capacitive Sensors PDF 302 30 Nov 2017 29
Building a greener, more secure planet PDF 2243 07 Nov 2017 39
Capacitive Touch Through Metal Using MSP430™ MCUs With CapTIvate™ Technology (Rev. A) Read Abstract Multiple Files 9 31 Oct 2017 477

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Solution guides

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Connected Sensors Building Automation Systems Guide (Rev. A) PDF 3639 25 Aug 2016 10535
Washing Machine Solutions Guide PDF 2295 19 Jan 2016 3993

White papers

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Take your HMI design to the next level with transparent capacitive-touch technol PDF 3458 14 Sep 2017 327
Enabling Noise Tolerant Capacitive Touch HMIs With MSP CapTIvate™ Technology (Rev. A) PDF 1379 04 Aug 2017 914
Capacitive Touch and MSP Microcontrollers (Rev. A) PDF 1003 27 Apr 2017 1187