Sensing Products

Gas/chemical sensing AFEs

Low power and exceptional accuracy, perfect for any application

Gas sensing (Electrochem)

Gas sensing devices provide an accurate and complete signal path solution between a sensor and microcontroller

  • Supports multiple electrochemical sensors
  • Integrated transimpedance amp and temp sensor

NDIR gas sensing

NDIR gas sensor ready AFE provides a complete solution for gas sensing applications

  • One design supports multiple thermopile sensors
  • Features PGA and dark phase offset cancellation

pH sensing

pH sensor AFE used analytical sensing are optimized for low-power applications

  • Designed for 2 electrode sensors
  • Two guard pins for high parasitic impedance wiring
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Featured products


Configurable AFE potentiostat for low-power chemical sensing applications with integrated transimpedance amplifier and temperature sensor


Configurable AFE for (NDIR) sensing applications with integrated PGA, offset cancellation DAC and common mode generator


Integrated AFE for low-power pH sensing applications with integrated current sources (iDACs) and PGA

Featured TI Designs


Gas sensor platform with Bluetooth low energy


Single-chip, portable carbon monoxide (CO) monitor reference design with MSP430 MCUs


Wireless pH sensor transmitter (DevPack for sensor tag) reference design

TI’s family of gas sensor and chemical sensor AFEs provide excellent measurement accuracy for any application; including battery powered designs for wireless remote sensing and other internet of things (IoT) applications. These parts feature low quiescent current, low input bias current, low offset, excellent CMRR, and are EMI hardened. They also are available in small footprint packages (WSON, VSSOP, and TSSOP). Gas sensor and chemical sensor AFEs are available with a serial I2C or serial SPI interface. Suitable for internet of things (IoT), environmental sensing, safety and security sensing, and many other building automation applications.