Sensing Products

Digital humidity sensors with integrated temperature sensors

Excellent measurement accuracy at the industry’s lowest power consumption

Industry's lowest power consumption

Enables multi-year operation with coin cell batteries, while maintaining accuracy.

Ease of use

Proven TI designs, factory calibration, and compensation accelerate designs, reducing development costs.

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Featured products


Low Power Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor


Low Power, High Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor with Integrated Temperature Sensor in dust-resistant package

Featured TI Designs

Humidity & Temp Sensor Node for Star Networks

Humidity & temperature sensor node for star networks enabling 10+ year coin cell battery life reference design.

Humidity & Temp Sensor Node: Sub-1GHz Star Network

Demonstrates ultra-low power method to duty-cycle sensor end nodes leading to extremely long battery life.

SimpleLink™ BLE / Multi-standard SensorTag

Begin development immediately with TI’s cloud-based development tools. Resource Explorer allows you to browse available examples and documentation.