Sensing Products

Digital humidity sensors with integrated temperature sensors

Excellent measurement accuracy at the industry’s lowest power consumption

Industry's lowest power consumption

Enables multi-year operation with coin cell batteries, while maintaining accuracy.

Ease of use

Proven TI designs, factory calibration, and compensation accelerate designs, reducing development costs.

Featured products


Low Power Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor


Low Power, High Accuracy Digital Humidity Sensor with Integrated Temperature Sensor in dust-resistant package

Featured TI Designs

Humidity & Temp Sensor Node for Star Networks

Humidity & temperature sensor node for star networks enabling 10+ year coin cell battery life reference design.

Humidity & Temp Sensor Node: Sub-1GHz Star Network

Demonstrates ultra-low power method to duty-cycle sensor end nodes leading to extremely long battery life.

SimpleLink™ BLE / Multi-standard SensorTag

Begin development immediately with TI’s cloud-based development tools. Resource Explorer allows you to browse available examples and documentation.