Sensing Products

Humidity Sensors – Tools & software

Featured evaluation modules

Plug and play, USB, Low Power Humidity and Temperature Sensor Evaluation Module

The HDC1080EVM evaluation kit is a plug and play system to test and evaluate the HDC1080 humidity and temperature sensor.

Sensing Solutions EVM GUI Tool v1.9.4 (Rev. E)

Download the Sensing solutions EVM GUI software that displays real time streaming of both humidity and temperature measurements.

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Featured TI Designs

Humidity & Temp Sensor Node for Star Networks

Demonstrates ultra-low power method to duty-cycle sensor end nodes leading to extremely long battery life.

Interrupt-Based Light and Environment Sensor Node

The TIDA-00758 TI Design demonstrates a low-power method of wireless environmental sensing enabling up to 10 years of coin cell battery life.

Dual Sensor Measurement Using Single Current-Loop with FSK

This reference design demonstrates a 4-20mA current loop subsystem capable of measuring the surrounding environment and communicating the temperature, humidity, and ambient light over the loop

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Accurate Humidity Sensing: 2m Wire Communication

The TIDA-00972 reference design provides a sensor module level solution for +/- 2% of accuracy and reliable Relative Humidity (RH) and +/- 0.2 °C accuracy temperature sensing

RGB LED Signal Tower for Industrial Automation Reference Design

The TIDA-00979 TI Design is a multi-segment RGB Signal Tower for industrial process automation.

Proximity Backlight & Smart Lighting Control

The TIDA-00754 TI Design demonstrates a proximity sensor implementation for HMI applications.