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Repeatable and accurate switching over environmental variations

Proximity switching

Axial/proximity switching targeted for high accuracy and reliable open/close applications.

Rotational/sliding switching

Easily detect rotational and sliding movements for incremental encoding, speed sensing, and position switching.

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Differentially compensated and highly accurate inductive switch

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Use this tool for building custom sensor coils with known system constraints

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TI’s inductive switch solutions provide reliable and accurate sensing even in the presence of dirt, oil, or moisture, making it ideal for use in harsh or dirty environments. The contactless switching eliminates the failures due to mechanical or contact switching. Unlike competitive products, TI’s inductive switches do not require magnets, nor are affected by DC magnetic fields. TI has a range of inductive switch solutions for applications such as building automation, industrial security systems, home appliances and automotive. Explore inductive switch reference designs, technical documents and other tools to get your design to market faster.