Sensing Products

Inductive sensing

Detect position of a conductive target with contactless magnet-free sensing

Explore applications

Explore applications

Explore reference designs and resources for inductive touch buttons, open/close switches and turn knobs in your automotive, industrial and personal electronics applications.

Find products

Find products

Find and select the right contactless inductive sensing technology for your needs.

Learn & design

Learn & design

Build on your knowledge of inductive sensing technology, its use cases, design techniques and more with TI.

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Featured products


Highly Accurate Differentially Compensated Inductive Switch


HMI Inductive Touch Buttons for Consumer and Low-Power Applications


28-bit Inductance-to-Digital Converter with I2C for Inductive Sensing

Featured resources

Calculator tool

The LDC sensor design calculator tool is a fast and easy way to design different types of coils and provides details on the parameters of the design space.

Inductive sensing design support

Ask questions, share knowledge, solve problems with fellow engineers.