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mmWave IWR – Tools & software

IWR EVM & Modules

The IWRx EVMs and modules are fully featured development and evaluation tool for IWR1443/IWR1642 single chip radar. This easy-to-use tool features LaunchPad headers, CAN interface, switches, LEDs, and high-speed connectors for rapid prototyping. The EVM also comes with on-board XDS110 emulator for immediate out of the box development and emulation through the USB port.

AWR1x development board Evaluation Module (EVM)
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mmWave Studio

mmWave Studio is a collection of web tools for evaluating TI mmWave sensors.

mmWave Demo Visualizer - The IWR1x EVMs ship with out of the box demo featuring proximity detection for objects up to 25 meters away. Multiple visualizations are available to evaluate and prototype with the sensor: scene visualization, range-velocity map, FFT of the RF signal, and more. The demo is customizable through a number of system parameters like minimum/maximum range, range resolution and more, directly in the visualization GUI.

Experience the out of the box demo with the mmWave Demo Visualizer.

mmWave Out of box demo

mmWave Sensing Estimator is the first step to designing a mmWave sensor-based system. This tool calculates chirp configuration of the RF front end based on simple system parameters such as maximum/minimum range, frame rate and maximum/minimum velocity.

Experiment with the mmWave Sensing Estimator.


mmWave Sensing Estimator
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mmWave Software Development Kit (SDK)

Rapidly prototype customized application directly on the EVM with easy-to-use Software Development Kit (SDK). mmWaveSDK is a robust platform that includes TI RTOS with full peripheral drivers, APIs to configure the sensor, and libraries for the FFT HW accelerator and the DSP.

mmWave SDK

DesignCore™ Industrial mmWave Sensor Starter Kit

The DesignCore™ Industrial mmWave Sensor Starter Kit accelerates development of radar-based industrial navigation, sensing, and automation applications. The Starter Kit includes a low-power D3 mmWave Sensor Module with integrated antenna mounted on a baseboard. The baseboard provides easy interface to a PC or embedded platform for test and evaluation. It includes application software and demonstration programs for common industrial applications.

mmWave SDK