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Using Ultrasonic Sensing to Monitor Level in Tanks

This application note describes how to utilize the TDC1000 and piezoelectric ultrasonic transducer to perform highly accurate fluid level measurements on a tank externally.

Ultrasonic Sensing Basics for Liquid Level Sensing, Flow Sensing, and Fluid Iden (Rev. A)

This application note provides an introduction to how Texas Instruments Ultrasonic Sensing solutions (TDC1000 and TDC7200) can be applied to popular applications such as liquid level sensing, flow sensing, and fluid identification

Ultrasonic Sensing for Fluid Identification and Contamination

This Application Note will demonstrate such measurements utilizing TI’s TDC1000 Ultrasonic Analog Front End and an inexpensive “test cell” for a variety of automotive fluids.

PGA460 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and EVM Troubleshooting Guide

This document is intended to answer the most common and frequently asked questions (FAQs) that users have when evaluating the PGA460 or PGA460-Q1 EVM and GUI.

PGA460 Software Development Guide (Rev. A)

The objective of this guide is to explain the high-level software flow for platform development with the PGA460 device using UART communication.

PGA460 Ultrasonic Module Hardware and Software Optimization

This document introduces all of the necessary design and environmental considerations when developing and optimizing an ultrasonic sensor module using the PGA460.

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