mmWave IWR – Traffic monitoring


TI’s industrial mmWave solutions for traffic monitoring enable detection of traffic and pedestrians through all light and weather conditions, at distances over 100m, and with accurate range and velocity information for intelligent reporting and decision making.

Download these free white papers to learn the basics of mmWave sensors for radar for transport.

Multi-lane monitoring 
Single lane monitoring
Use cases Intersections and parking spots Highways
Benefits Wider area detection and tracking of multiple moving objects such as pedestrians, cars, bicycles in dense urban environments Detect and track cars  with a single chip sensor at high speed environments and longer distances
Hardware IWR1642 EVM IWR1642 EVM
Max field of view (resolution) (60° horizontal, 30° vertical) (120° horizontal, 30° vertical)
Max range (resolution) 70m (0.4m) 200m (0.8m)
Max velocity (resolution) 80 kph (1.0 kph) 195 kph (1.6 kph)
Onboard algorithms

Basic clustering

advanced group tracking

Vmax extension

Basic clustering

advanced group tracking

Vmax extension

Evaluate hands-on

Evaluate TI’s mmWave radar sensors by purchasing the evaluation module and leveraging the experiments and labs, and referencing our Building Automation TI Designs.


Single-chip sensor evaluation platform with integrated MCU and DSP for fully programmable algorithm development.

Experiments and labs

Experience mmWave sensor
performance first hand and recreate demonstrations by following the radar
for transport experiments and labs.

Traffic Monitoring Object Detection and Tracking Reference Design Using mmWave Radar Sensor

Use the traffic monitoring reference design for robust, long-range traffic monitoring sensing applications. mmWave TI Design reference design includes


Now that you’re ready to begin production, access these resources to help you along the way.


Single-chip sensor with integrated MCU and DSP for fully programmable algorithm development.


Newest 60-GHz sensors deliver intelligence at the edge while reducing size and system cost

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