Temperature sensors for any need

Easy and accurate temperature monitoring and protection

Our temperature sensors accelerate your design process by reducing hardware and software complexity over discrete sensors such as NTC thermistors or platinum RTDs and will help you innovate with high accuracy, low power consumption and small and flexible packaging options.

Digital temperature sensors

Single & multi-channel temperature sensors with I2C, SPI, UART or simple pulse count interfaces

  • ±0.2°C accuracy
  • Programmable thresholds
  • Standard interfaces

Analog temperature sensors

Highly linear and accurate voltage output temperature sensors

  • Linear output
  • Zero calibration

Temperature switches

Simplify over and under temperature detection with programmable trip points and integrated hysteresis

  • Temperature threshold detection
  • Built-in hysterisis
  • Multiple programming options


Small-sized linear positive temperature coefficient thermistors (PCT) designed for temperature measurement, protection, compensation and control systems

  • Enhanced linearity
  • More consistent sensitivity
  • Tiny 0.6mm x 1.0mm X1SON package

Featured temperature sensors


16-bit temperature sensor with a resolution of 0.0078°C and an accuracy of up to ±0.1°C across the temperature range of -20°C to 50°C with no calibration


Enhanced linearity and consistent sensitivity across the full temperature range and offered in a 2-pin X1SON package and a 2-pin TO-92S package


±2.5°C analog output temperature sensor with 19.5mV/°C gain over the full –40°C to +150°C temperature range and a supply range from 2.3 V to 5.5 V

Build your expertise with TI Precision Labs - Temperature Sensors

Check out this comprehensive curriculum for digital and analog temperature sensors, temperature switches and PTC thermistors.  Lectures include discussions of temperature sensor error and repeatability, sensitivity and gain, and recommended operating points.

Temperature monitoring and protection e-book

With over 40 years' experience helping customers optimize their temperature monitoring and protection designs, we've developed a comprehensive e-book covering six unique application challenges involving unique sensor placement and routing considerations. In the Temperature Monitoring and Protection e-book you will learn the design fundamentals of temperature sensing in real-world applications. The  application notes and reference designs provide support and deep insights about the sensor selection process and the considerations required for optimal temperature response.

Topics include:

  • Fundamentals of temperature sensing
  • System temperature monitoring
  • Ambient temperature monitoring
  • Temperature threshold detection
  • Temperature compensation and calibration
  • Body temperature monitoring
  • Fluid temperature monitoring