Temperature switches

Smart sensors for autonomous thermal measurement and protection

TI offers a variety of temperature switches with programmability options from factory reset to pin or resistor compatibility. These small, accurate temperature switches provide thermal protection and monitoring.

Temperature switches

Temperature switches are smart sensors that autonomously make decisions providing real-time thermal protection without interrupting the control processing system.

  • Programmable temperature threshold
  • Integrated hysteresis for enhanced noise immunity

Featured temperature switches


The TMP303 is a temperature range monitors that offers design flexibility through an extra small footprint (SOT-563), low power (5 µA maximum) and low supply voltage capability (as low as 1.4 V).


The TMP302 is a temperature switch in a micropackage (SOT563). The TMP302 offers low power (15-µA maximum) and ease-of-use through pin-selectable trip points and hysteresis.


The TMP708 is a fully-integrated, resistor- programmable temperature switch with a temperature threshold that is set by just one external resistor within the entire operating range.


The LM57 device is a precision, dual-output, temperature switch with analog temperature sensor output for a wide range of industrial temperature sensing applications.