Audio Dock: Basic

With the popularity of portable media and the devices that carry them, the ease of drop and sync capability with computers and media centers becomes important. This audio dock design uses TI audio processors for cost sensitive designs


Audio Dock : Basic

This basic active speaker system is often used with portable audio players powered by batteries or an AC adapter. Using a highly efficient Class-D amplifier extends battery runtime and requires no costly heat sink. Additionally, the TPA2008D2 amplifier has DC volume control so only one POT is required, instead of more costly dual-taper POTs. Using this method, the volume is controlled within the chip, which reduces noise that would normally be present when fixing an amplifier at a high gain and attenuating the input.

TI recognizes that this class of speaker systems has a tradeoff between output power and sound quality, and in the case of a portable system, battery runtime. The Block Diagrams for the Basic, Portable and Performance audio docking stations represent a balance of these requirements, each optimized for a different usage model.

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