Audio Dock: Portable

With the popularity of portable media and the devices that carry them, the ease of drop and sync capability with media centers becomes important. This audio dock design uses power efficient TI audio processors for portable designs.


The Portable Audio Dock speaker system is powered by batteries, an AC adapter, or USB connection. Using a highly efficient Class-D amplifier extends battery runtime and requires no costly heat sink. The system allows audio input from a docking connector, USB streaming audio, or a line input. Newer generation TI audio codecs, such as the TLV320AIC3254, process sound with better audio quality and longer battery life. The system will charge Li-Ion batteries with protection and provide overall power management needed in a portable performance system.

TI TMS320C550x DSPs provide I2S, SPI, high speed USB2.0 with audio streaming capability to enable more audio input options for portable docking system. With the latest ultra low power C550x DSP architecture, it maximizes the battery life through extremely low standby and active power. Additionally, audio compression, transformation and more processing features, like recording, equalization, can be included as new product feature. Integrated LDOs and large on-chip memory are also preferred characteristics of designers.

TI recognizes that this class of speaker systems has a tradeoff between output power and sound quality, and in the case of a portable system, battery runtime. The block diagrams for the Basic, Portable and Performance audio docking stations represent a balance of these requirements, each optimized for a different usage model.

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