I/O Modules

Circuit Breaker - I/O Modules


I/O modules provide circuit breakers a way to interface with external switchgear controls or building management systems. By focusing functionality into functional modules, it becomes possible to satisfy diverse specifications including:

  • Enhanced residual earth fault detection function for breaker and operator safety
  • Wireless communications for updating the reading of breaker status and communicating the measured values to the remote terminal unit for networking
  • Wired communication including Profibus, Modbus or Ethernet with digital isolation for real time networking, monitoring and control of breakers with motorized trip mechanism
  • On board or external temperature sensing to protect the breaker when installed inside the panel
  • High efficiency power supply to powering auxiliary modules with an added option to accept either a wide AC or DC input
  • Front display module (FDM) with touchscreen or keypad for remote display of breaker data, status and measured voltage, current or power parameters
  • Annunciator with LED indications for remotely indicating status of the breaker including tripped condition

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