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DC/DC Converters


Our merchant DC-DC solutions provide customers ready-to-evaluate circuit boards for PCB-mount/rack-mount/panel-mount isolated DC-DC and non-isolated DC-DC converters used in communications, computing and medical applications and in distributed DC bus architecture to generate output rails needed for on-board distributed loads.

Our solutions help customers design hardware to meet the stringent Distributed-power Open Standards Alliance (DOSA) and Point-of-Load-Alliance (POLA) standards, which demands high power density, high integration, high efficiency across line and load conditions, and high reliability. In addition, our solutions are sized as per DOSA and POLA standard form factors for ease of adoption.

Common Design Challenges addressed include:

  • High efficiency solutions through interleaved topologies and soft-switching techniques such as active clamp forward, LLC resonant DC/DC, phase-shifted full-bridge DC/DC and ZVS PWM DC/DC with both analog and digital implementation
  • High power density by using GaN power blocks, dual cool MOSFETS and FET power blocks with low gate charge and low RDS(ON)
  • Hot swap and active ORing solutions for hot-plug-in and parallel operation
  • Robust solutions for external communication interfaces

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