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The Digital Picture Frame (DPF) solves the problem of displaying digital photos (optional also music and videos) without a computer. While the basic function models can just show JPEG pictures in a slide show, multimedia features (zoom and rotate pictures, play music and videos, support of all popular memory cards, internal memory, auto on/off, etc.) require high-end components but staying on the low-end side on power consumption. Next generation multimedia picture frames offer the possibility to connect to the Internet and download pictures or information (weather, news, …) from a server.

The core subsystem includes:

  • Video Engine and Microprocessor – perform the processing of JPEGs and decoding of MPEGs, handle audio processing, and control the power management and user interface. While many functions can be integrated there might be a need for discrete solutions on the audio, video and interface side.
  • Audio – provides audio output for up to two channels usually decoded by the processor. So digital to analog conversion and amplification is needed.
  • Memory – stores executing code, data/parameters, and pictures, movies and sound. Switching and voltage level translation might be required for memory cards.
  • User Interface – allows the user to control the digital picture frame using buttons, remote or touch screen control.
  • Power Conversion – converts the input power from the AC/DC wall adaptor to run various functional blocks. Battery charge management can be controlled by the microprocessor.

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