DVD Recorder & Player

Block diagram (SBD) for a DVD Recorder that can record and play back full-motion video/audio using the ISO MPEG audio/video standards for compression.

Block Diagram

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Power: AC/DC Supply

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DVD Recorder and Player are consumer video/audio products that can record and play back full-motion video/audio using the ISO MPEG audio/video standards for the compression of video and audio content. The main difference between the two systems is the capability of the recorder to store video and audio onto storage media such as hard disks and recordable DVD disks. These products decode MPEG-2 movies and convert it into standard video signals; analog video outputs include composite video, S-Video, and component video. Newer HDMI digital outputs for video and audio now are becoming the standard.

Core Subsystem includes:

  • ASSP - Highly integrated ASSPs today control the operating system software, user interface, all peripherals and connectivity, spindle and motor drive, storage disk, as well as the video and audio interfaces.
  • Audio Interface - Allows audio to be digitized by the audio codec and processed by the ASSP to provide high-quality audio for MPEG/AC3 requirements. The audio is also converted back to analog format and made available via the stereo output jack as well as for stereo headphones. With such features as high SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and analog low-pass filtering, a high-quality audio output is guaranteed. In the case of DVD players where the audio DAC may not be integrated, TI offers a broad portfolio of audio solutions.
  • Video Interface - Selects video source to be decoded/encoded by the video decoder and ASSP. For this end equipment it is critical to support multiple ATSC DTV formats, NTSC/PAL, composite, component, and S-Video. As HDTV becomes the mainstream standard, supporting full HD at 1080p resolution with 3D adaptive filtering will be commonplace. To ensure proper amplification of the output analog video signals, the output stages require high-performance op-amps readily available from TI.
  • Triple DAC - Converts digital video into analog video output in different formats: CVBS, S video, RGB, and component video. The output stages require high-performance op-amps to amplify the video signals.
  • User Interface - Allows the user to control the DVD recorder or player using the panel keypad or the remote control. Connectivity from the front panel to the remote control is done via an IrDA or low-power wireless device.
  • Low-Power Wireless Remote Control - Many consumer products are beginning to utilize an RF remote control thanks to the RF4CE initiative being led by TI. DVD recorders and players depend on a low-power RF chip in both the remote and the main unit.
  • Speaker Driver - Includes analog and digital power amplifiers for driving headphone and speakers.
  • Power Conversion - Including the AC-to-DC conversion to create the main power for the unit itself, every functional block in the DVD recorder and player require a particular power solution; core and I/O power for the ASSP, memory, power for video/analog signal chains, etc. In this era of energy conservation, governments are continually enacting new policies and tightening existing programs covering the standby power consumption and efficiency of consumer products. Whether these are integrated power management units (PMUs) or discrete components, TI has the solutions you need today to meet these needs.
  • Spindle & Pickup Motor Drive - TI's analog/mixed signal expertise couple with system-level design expertise allows us to deliver differentiated preamp and motor controller solutions for the unique demands of the data storage industry.
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