Transmission Line Protection Relay

Grid Infrastructure: Grid Protection


Transmission lines run for hundreds of miles transferring energy from one location to another. In a modern grid, these lines are interconnected in complex ways between multiple power sources, substations, large industrial loads and rest of the Grid. Protecting such networks involve – constant monitoring of electrical parameters under various working conditions, detecting faults, isolating subsection closest to the fault, communicating health of the subsection being monitored using Zone based protection scheme.

For some of the commonly used techniques such as differential current measurement, directional over current measurement, impedance measurement, etc., TI Designs showcase:

  • Various architectural choices for measuring voltages and currents simultaneouslyand the tradeoffs between those options. Our designs highlight performance of the data acquisition subsystem using Current Transformers , Rogowski coils and Shunts. Analog front end design for recording surges (IEC61000-4-5: 1.2/50μs or 8/20μs) using high speed data converter is also shown
  • Isolated Power topology that achieves high efficiency and derives power from Auxiliary Battery or AC mains is shown for single-function and multi-function relays. 12W design supports as low as 24V DC and still meets the dips and interruption test as per IEC61000-4-29. 30W design shows how to fit the entire components on a tiny 200mm x 100mm board
  • Communication subsystems are designed to showcase isolated serial communication standards such as RS232, RS485, Profibus, etc. as well as implementing Ethernet communication protocol, with precision time stamping

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