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"The HVAC blower is a A/C fan that blows the air into the cabin. In manual control, the driver contrls the speed of the motor using a knob or HMI display while in automatic system, the HVAC control unit controls the speed of the fan. HVAC blower motors are typically Brushed DC or Brushless DC Motors.

The HVAC damper or the HVAC flap actuators are motors that control the source of intake air (fresh or recirclated), mixing of air and distribution of air through specific inside the cabin. In manual HVAC system, the driver controls the flap actuators using a knob or HMI display, while in automatic systemms, the HVAC control unit controls the dampers. HVAC Damper motors can be Brushed DC, Brushless DC, or Stepper Motors.

The HVAC Blower & Damper also includes the HVAC control unit also known as Climate Control Unit. The HVAC control switches are either connected to the HVAC control unit directly, or could be communicated to the HVAC control unit from the Head unit"

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