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Texas Instruments offers solutions to help solve challenges when designing a Hydraulic Valve. The input signal transmitted via a robust interface/fieldbus from a central unit (PLC, DCS, PAC) needs to be converted into an accurate, precise actuation/movement to control flow in a Hydraulic Valve. Precise detection of the valve position is fed back via the robust interface/fieldbus to the central unit (PLC, DCS, PAC) to indicate actuator position and/or malfunction of an actuator.

TI Designs offer resources, such as schematics and design files that can be used as starting points for key subsystems and industry communication protocols such as IO-Link, 4-20mA loop, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus PA. From the actuator input through the entire signal chain and peripheral analog, TI’s portfolio and design tools, such as reference designs, enable our customers with efficient solutions and faster time to market.

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