Industrial AC-DC

Industrial AC-DC >480W


Our industrial AC-DC solutions provide customers ready to evaluate circuit boards for use in intelligent modular power supplies, single- and three-phase chassis mount AC-DC, power redundancy modules and power backup modules used in process control, factory robotics, test and measurement systems, and oil and gas systems.Our Industrial AC to DC solutions help customers design hardware that meets the US Department of Energy (DOE) standards. These include high power factor, low THD, high efficiency across line and load conditions, high power density, thermal derating for extended temperature range operation and high reliability.

Common Design Challenges addressed include:

  • High efficiency solutions through soft-switching techniques such as LLC resonant DC/DC, phase-shifted full-bridge DC/DC and ZVS PWM DC/DC, using both analog and digital implementation
  • Low standby power to meet ENERGY STAR and DOE standards
  • Low THD over wide load conditions using front end 1-phase and 3-phase power factor correction solutions
  • Active ORing solutions for parallel operation and redundancy module
  • Smart circuit breaker solutions through eFuse & protected Mosfets
  • Innovative backup solutions using single stage bi-directional topology for integrated local energy storage units such as buffer modules
  • Robust solutions for inter- and intra-communication interfaces

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