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19 Watt AC Input LED Driver Reference Design PMP3155 Texas Instruments Reference Designs


LED lighting designers are challenged with meeting their efficiency and reliability goals faster in advanced lighting designs. TI’s high efficiency conversion topologies are helping designers achieve their goals at a faster rate.

The lack of an output rectifier, in the topology shown, further increases the efficiency of the overall system and an additional benefit of this solution is the simple and robust control. Transient immunity and the current matching characteristic of the multi- transformer topology make it very reliable and the system re-balances automatically in case of an LED failure. Scalability is another key advantage in LED design and the number of LEDs in a string can be scaled up to 16 thus allowing for up-to 64 LEDs per lamp.

LED Reference Design Cookbook - Download the new LED Reference Design Cookbook that is designed to provide you with a valuable tool to help you solve your lighting design needs. The LED Reference Design Cookbook features lighting reference designs for multiple applications.
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Tools and Software

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C2000 Piccolo MCU AC LED Lighting & Communications Kit TMDSIACLEDCOMKIT Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
C2000 Power Line Communications Add-on Kit TMDSPLCMODA-P3X Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
C2000 Power Line Modem Developer's Kit TMDSPLCKIT-V3 Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) CCSTUDIO Texas Instruments SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers
Multi-DC/DC Color LED Kit TMDSRGBLEDKIT Texas Instruments Evaluation Modules & Boards

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