Multi-room Wireless (Wi-fi) Speaker

Multi-room Wireless (Wif-fi) Speaker


As smarter features are integrated into homes and offices, multi-room wireless (Wi-Fi) speakers provide a solution for delivering high-performing audio in a discreet manner. While their presence should be recognized, their appearance should be sleek and inconspicuous and not to be intrusive. Multi-room wireless (Wi-Fi) speakers enable users to install fully integrated and immersive sound into new and existing spaces with little setup. The devices simply need a power source and an internet connection, meaning they can be installed virtually anywhere. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity allows users to seamlessly and remotely control their music. TI helps achieve these features in several ways:

  • High output power Class-D amplification with ultra-low THD and noise providing premium sound capable of filling larger spaces
  • Highly efficient and integrated components allowing for space-saving designs
  • Certified high-performance Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated modules which expedite product to market
  • Overall low-power consumption with even lower standby modes for continuous all day functionality

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Class-D LC Filter Designer LCFILTER-CALC-TOOL Texas Instruments Application Software & Frameworks

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