Optical Line Card

Optical Line Card


An Optical Line Card is a tributary to a combined optical pipe where the client NE is input over a fiber pair at a fixed wavelength, the data is encoded/decoded, and output on a specific ITU grid wavelength via a fiber pair.

The core subsystems include:

    - Short Reach/Intermediate Reach Multi-Source Agreement module is an integrated subsystem including CDR/SERDES. Analog and digital signals, as well as an I2C buss, are provided for monitoring, setpoints, control signals, and alarms.
  • FEC
    - Forward Error Correction is the bidirectional processing path for the SONET span its NE terminates. Modern devices include a rate change PLL and VCO.
    - Long Reach/Ultra Long Reach module is the optical interface out to the combined pipe. Internal structure similar to the SR/IR module.
  • Processor
    - Reads/writes the SONET header and controls setup and operation of the FEC chip, handles MSA control/monitoring functions, and I/F to shelf controller via B/P.
  • Power
    - Hot Swap controller provides inrush limiting, DC-DC converters provide system power either as a multi-output converter or as point-of-load converters

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