Optical Networking: Video over Fiber

Block diagram (SBD) for a Video over Fiber Multiplexer / Optical Transmission System featuring TI’s Video Amplifier, Data Converter, Power Management, and Interface Devices.


High-Definition Video and Audio typically generate a high data amount per second when digitized. Real time delivery and synchronization between video and audio often put a high load on high-speed data networks – therefore, Video over Fiber becomes the choice for many applications.

A Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) video signal using the Color Video Baseband System (CVBS) is firstly digitized through sampling and analog to digital conversion. Multi-channel digital audio/video signals will be transformed into a high-speed bit stream by digital multiplexing technology which is usually done processing via an FPGA. The following serializing (SerDes) and the optical module work as the interface devices between the electrical & optical networks. As of today, most of the mainstream equipment uses a 10bit or 8bit resolution for the data converters, the corresponding sampling frequency is about 20MHz. In general, system performance can be achieved when the weighted signal to noise ratio is > 65dB, the differential gain < 1%, and the differential phase <1 º.

The typical Core Subsystem includes:

  • High Speed Amplifier: Provide signal conditioning & superior filtering capability for high signal integrity & low distortion.
  • Data Converter: Provide high SNR, SFDR data conversion and retention between the analog & digital domain.
  • Serializer/Deserializer (SerDes): For high-speed full-duplex point-to-point data transmissions.

As signal integrity & low distortion are critical to ensure high quality video signal transmissions over a long distance, Texas Instruments provides a broad and deep portfolio of high-performance analog and digital products for this application.

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