Portable DVD Player

Portable DVD Player

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TI supplies high-performance, cost-effective audio and power management solutions for portable DVD players. Fully integrated speaker and headphone audio power amplifiers with DC volume control and SWIFTTM power converters with integrated FETs help minimize the entire solution size.

An all new stereo Class-D audio power amplifier designed to maximize battery life is also available.

The core subsystems include:

Audio Power Amplifier
  • Integrated gain settings reduce solution size and cost further by eliminating the feedback and input resistors. Low supply current and shutdown control help maximize battery life while internal depop circuitry minimizes pops and clicks during startup and shutdown transitions.

  • Power Conversion
  • Converts the input power from the AC adaptor to run various functional blocks.

  • Video Interface
  • Provides video output with different formats: NTSC/PAL, S video, and YPrPb component video. The output stages require high-performance op-amps to amplify the video signal.

  • Audio Interface
  • Allows audio to be digitized by the audio converter and processed by the DSP to provide high-quality audio for MPEG/AC3 requirements.

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