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Sometimes called audio-video jukeboxes, Portable Media Players or portable video players, portable multimedia jukeboxes are handheld audio/video systems that can record and playback audio/video (A/V) from TV, DVD player, camera, or media file downloaded from internet.

Typically hard-disk or Flash Media based, these devices are hold hours of content and provide entertainment.

Texas Instruments has a long history of providing expertise and superior products to audio and video market. TI's comprehensive solutions cover the entire video chain, everything from the initial capture of video content to the final viewing experience. The core subsystems include:

  • OMAP35x Processor: Based on the market's first broad offering of the superscalar ARM® Cortex™-A8 core to provide an unprecedented combination of laptop-like performance at handheld power levels in a single chip. Together with the NEON™ SIMD coprocessor, the OMAP35x application processor is capable of processing a wide range of A/V signals.
  • Digital Video Input: Comes from the analog video decoder or the CMOS/CCD camera. The analog video decoder converts the NTSC/PAL/S-Video analog input to raw digital video.
  • Stereo Audio Codec: Converts the analog audio input from microphone, FM receiver, and stereo audio line source into digital audio. Newer generation TI audio codecs, such as the TLV320AIC3254, process sound with better audio quality and longer battery life.
  • CCIR656 Bus: Inputs the raw digital video to the processing core.
  • Serial Interface: Performs file transfer with the host computer via USB, RS232, and JTAG serial interfaces.
  • Memory Interface: Handles a variety of direct memory interfaces with various portable memory media including compact flash card, SD card, MMC card, memory stick, etc.
  • IDE Interface: Handles data transfer with a hard drive storage.
  • User Interface: Allows the user to control the PMP using the keypad, IR remote control, or the touch screen.
  • Power Conversion: Converts input power (battery or wall plug) to run various functional blocks.

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