Power: Battery Management

Power: Battery Management

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Battery Power Management

There are three main components to battery management:

  • Charge Management
    - Charge management ICs integrate all functionality required to safely charge rechargeable batteries to maximize capacity and minimize charge time.
  • Battery Fuel Gauging
    - Battery fuel gauge ICs allow the system to acquire the exact state of battery charge. The information from a TI battery fuel gauge IC can form the basis of a complete power management routine in a portable system, enabling the system to extend its run time.
  • Battery Protection
    - Li-Ion battery packs need protection from overcharge or over discharge conditions. TI's line of protection ICs offer protection for 1-to-4 series Li-Ion battery packs. In some cases, a TI Li-Ion protection IC can work with a TI battery fuel gauge IC to offer a comprehensive battery fuel gauge/protection solution.
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