Private Branch Exchange (PBX)

Block diagram (SBD) for Private Branch Exchange (PBX) using TI’s C6000 Processors, Power Supply Control, and Monitoring Systems


Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is an enterprise voice communication system that connects business telephones at a business site to each other and to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). The PBX switches calls and provides aggregation and distribution of calls to and from the PSTN via trunk interfaces. The future in IP communications systems will integrate PBX phone systems, audio/video conferencing bridges, data collaboration, and IM servers seamlessly across one platform. As IP network deployments continue to grow, consumers are looking for additional features, flexibility, and expandability in a cost-effective fashion.

The High Performance TMS320C6000™ DSP platform offers the highest performance and value for fixed/floating-point DSPs in the industry. Its processing (MMAC/$) and power efficient (MMAC/mW) capabilities are optimal for communications applications. This fixed-point platform has a wide range of performance and cost-effective options that address the most mission critical design challenges to the most cost-sensitive applications.

OMAP-L1x applications processors include ARM9 and ARM9-plus-DSP architectures and offer a variety of peripherals for networking and run Linux or the DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel for operating system flexibility. For host controlling, the OMAP-L1x product line is also pin-for-pin compatible with various devices in the new TMS320C674x DSP series. Power consumption ranges from 8 mW in standby to 400 mW total power.

In-rush limiting is implemented to limit the in-rush current going to the board at startup. The TPS2391 can be used to smoothly control the voltage and current ramp up. Power Isolated DC/DC conversion has a repeater board that usually feeds a -48V telecom voltage. Two options are then possible to generate an intermediate rail: either an already made power module such as PTEA404120 or a discrete approach using an isolated DC/DC controller such as the UCC2897A. Non isolated DC/DC conversion supports FPGA and processor power. Reference designs can be found here. The TPS54620 provides a cost and size optimized solution, a DC/DC converter with integrated FET, this device will enable you to do the most compact 6A design possible.

The TPS23841 provides reliable PSE support for the standard 48V, 15W (13W load), as well as up to 25W for high power PoE. The core PSE Controller detects, classifies, and supplies (PD detection algorithm) power to the all devices connected to the Ethernet cables, while the associated Microcontroller controls and monitors the PoE ports and power supply unit.

The family of CMOS multi-gigabit GbE transceivers delivers exceptional performance in high-speed bidirectional point-to-point data transmission systems. They have a smaller footprint and lower power consumption enabling higher port density. They have proven interoperability with major ASIC/MAC/FPGA vendors. These GbE transceivers provide excellent signal integrity, and do not require external filter capacitors. Some devices include built-in testability features.

Clocking solutions provide high performance differential or single-ended clocks with less than 1 ps rms jitter from a low cost crystal/oscillator. These solutions are easy to configure and are programmed through control pins. They are available in smaller QFN packages and operate over the industrial temperature range.

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