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Active probe test lead IC solutions from TI


Active probe test leads connect a device under test (DUT) to a high bandwidth oscilloscope for signal measurement. Active probe designs require power for the active components in the probe.

  • Active probes are used to capture very low amplitude signals which require low noise and low distortion amplifiers at the front end.
  • TI Designs help to solve analog front end signal chain design challenges by using TI’s high speed amplifiers, wide bandwidth and low noise amplifiers to optimize the design
  • TI Designs demonstrate how high resolution multi-channel voltage DACs may be used to measure low amplitude signals with large common mode
  • TI designs demonstrate elegant human machine interface implementation by leveraging CapTIvate™ touch microcontrollers, LED drivers and low power microcontrollers
  • TI reference designs help users identify low noise, high current LDO’s for analog front end power
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