HMI & Display for Rail Transport

Rail Transport and Signaling - Display


The display serves as the operator interface to a sophisticated system. Display panels provide an ergonomic control interface to a great number of functions while also giving optimized overview of the system status. TI solutions help customers realize an HMI with superior video processing and graphic performance and still have processing power to run industrial Ethernet like Profibus®, Profinet®, EtherCAT® or Ethernet I/P.

  • Typical video interfaces red, green, blue (RGB) parallel, OLDI or HDMI, as well as controls such as I2C, SPI or GPIO
  • Backlight drivers commonly require the boost of voltages and are typically powered off the vehicle battery
  • Converting clock and data lines to low voltage differential signaling (LVDS) helps mitigate EMI
  • Temp sensing is used to ensure the backlight LEDs do not drive the temp beyond the specified panel rating

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