Wired Communication Module

Relay Wired Communication Module


Wired communication module is used for transferring the sensor data and control signals between various I/O cards and the end user. To make the user interface immune to external disturbances and to isolate various grounds, these modules are isolated. TI reference designs and ICs for wired communication module implement:

  • Serial interface: Support for common interfaces such as RS232, RS484, RS422, CAN/PROFIBUS.
  • High speed interface: Ethernet PHY/MACPHY, USB Controllers and Transceivers
  • ESD protection: Options include low capacitance, high speed ESD protection diodes meeting IEC 61000-4-2 (Contact) and IEC 61000-4-2 (air-gap voltage up to +/-30KV)
  • Communication Expanders: Such as dual, quad, octal port expanders for expanding the serial ports including RS232/RS485
  • Digital Isolator: High speed 2-wire, 4-wire interface with basic or reinforced isolation, low power with flexible configuration, and high level of EMC immunity and selectable default output

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