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Reference Designs

Description Part Number Company Tool Type
CC2420 Anaren Balun Reference Design CC2420BALUN_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2420DB Reference Design CC2420DB_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2420EM Reference Design CC2420EM_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2430DB Reference Design CC2430DB_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2520EM Reference Design CC2520EM_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2530-CC2591EM Reference Design CC2530-CC2591EM-RD Texas Instruments Reference Designs


Most existing remote controls use infrared technology to communicate commands to controlled devices. However, radio frequency (RF) remote controls enable non-line-of-sight operation and provide more advanced features based on bi-directional RF communication.

RemoTI is Texas Instruments solution for RF4CE.

RemoTI is a complete solution offering hardware and software support for TI’s low-power RF product portfolio. With the RemoTI solution we provide:

  • Hardware roadmap for a cost-reduced, feature-enriched solution designed for RF4CE
  • RF4CE is built on our well-tested, reliable software, the TIMAC, which is based on the IEEE 802.15.4 protocol stack and runs in millions of devices worldwide
  • Extensive worldwide support and tools to ensure development of RF4CE-based products is simple, fast and can be completed at minimal cost.

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HTM 8 KB 16 Dec 2014 778
HTM 8 KB 12 Oct 2005 159
HTM 9 KB 17 Sep 2001 2295

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PDF 499 KB 16 May 2013 3843
PDF 1.26 MB 30 Mar 2010 1679

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PDF 130 KB 28 Dec 2010 100

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Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) CCSTUDIO Texas Instruments SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers

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