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Spectrum analyzer solutions from Texas Instruments


Spectrum analyzers are widely used for measuring and analyzing the frequency spectrum of RF and microwave signals. In the industry, spectrum analyzers are capable of revealing the elements of the signal (carrier, harmonics, distortion, spurious, BW, noise, etc.) and the performance of the circuits, which produced the signal. Spectrum analyzers are an invaluable tool for RF design development, test laboratories and field service applications.

Texas Instruments designs demonstrate high performance, low power, integrated frequency generation used in Spectrum analyzers. TI designs explain how to introduce various high performance amplifiers and variable gain amplifier to avoid balun for converting balanced input to differential output with adequate gain. TI’s high speed data converters are best suited for today’s higher analysis bandwidth and large power dynamic range spectrum analyzers. TI's ultra-low jitter programmable clock oscillators are an ideal choice to clock the High Speed Data Converters. TI’s latest phase locked loop (PLL) synthesizers are capable of generating wide frequency range and low phase noise local oscillators. Wideband RF amplifiers and ADC drivers can be used to optimize the RF front end design. TI also offers precise power management solutions for various types of spectrum analyzers (benchtop, handheld and modular).

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