Telecom Shelter: Filter Unit

Block diagram (SBD) for a Filter Unit featuring TI’s OMAP-L13x Processors, Power Management Devices, Data Converters, Amplifiers, and Interface Devices.


Telecom Basestation Filter units used to filter and transmit signals in RF domain, power the LNA,TMA and make key parameter measurements

Filter units units consist of filters, diplexers, duplexers and combiners used to filter, combine transmit and/or receive signals in the RF domain.

This unit generates the power for the LNA,TMA and antenna apart from performing measurement and monitoring of key parameters like VSWR, temperature etc.

OMAP-L1x applications processors include ARM9 and ARM9-plus-DSP architectures and offer a variety of peripherals for networking and run Linux or the DSP/BIOS™ real-time kernel for operating system flexibility. For host controlling, the OMAP-L1x product line is also pin-for-pin compatible with various devices in the new TMS320C674x DSP series. Power consumption ranges from 8 mW in standby to 400 mW total power.

The AM1x Sitara™ ARM9 microprocessors offer a set of code-compatible devices, which support multiple industry-specific peripherals and interfaces for embedded industrial, medical and consumer designs. The AM1x MPUs integrate notable interfaces, such as a serial ATA, universal parallel port and TI's unique Programmable Real-time Unit. The AM1x devices are pin-to-pin compatibility with TI's OMAP-L1x processors to allow developers to scale up to the OMAP-L1x to integrate real-time data, video and audio processing capabilities.

The high-performance ADC solutions from TI, coupled with the computing power of the processor offer precision measurements of VSWR. These 10/12 bit converters have high linearity, excellent dynamic range and work at very low operating power.

TI has a complete power solution-Linear regulators, Step-down regulators and DC/DC converters for the FU that can step down the 48V supply rail to any intermediate level for powering all other chips on board.

In-rush limiting is implemented to limit the in-rush current going to the board at startup. The TPS2490 can be used to smoothly control the voltage and current ramp up.

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