Telecom Shelter: Power Distribution Unit (PDU)

Power Distribution Unit for Tower Mounted Amplifiers


The Power Distribution Unit (PDU)-located inside the Telecom Shelter, provides power supply for up to six tower mounted amplifiers (TMA) via the RF feeder and a bias tee. The PDU performs Voltage regulation to ensure that a clean and stable supply is delivered to the TMA with improved power efficiency. It also monitors the current, providing fault detection on each output for the TMA and has alarm reporting feature with an interface for remote alarm indication.

The key design consideration for developing a PDU is Power density. Small footprint is critical to enable the unit to be designed in the rack mountable 1U Telecom standard. TI's Plug-in Power Modules that designers can buy off the shelf solve this problem with ease. These modules have high efficiency and come in small form factor that provides high W/IN^2.

PDUs come with output voltage of 12V or 24V depending on the TMA they are powering. TI's SEPIC converter can be used to either regulate the output voltage from the Isolated DC/DC module at 12V or step up to 24V to power a 24V system. This flexibility in output voltage that enables using a single part for either voltage is a valuable feature that makes the TI SEPIC converter popular with designers.

In-rush limiting is implemented to limit the current going to the board at startup. TI's Integrated Hot Swap Power Controllers are optimized for nominal -48V systems. The devices provide load current slew rate control and peak magnitude limiting. Most of the Hot Swap Controllers have digital interface for precise programming and monitoring and also have Power good and fault outputs.

The heart of the intelligence in the PDU comes from a processor that monitors and supervises the entire system along with an alarm interface. The TI MSP430 processor family is the perfect choice of processor for performing all monitoring and housekeeping functions. Integrated high performance analog blocks provide a high degree of accuracy for applications requiring precise measurement and monitoring. Featuring High Performance, Flexibility, and a variety of peripheral options, the MSP430 allows applications to get implemented faster, using minimal code and power at lower cost. The overall Quiescent current of an MSP430 based solution is also very low making the entire solution truly green.

Current Monitor products from TI ensure quality performance over a wide range of temperature and eliminate the need for additional protective components in the event of supply reversals.

The Temperature sensor offerings from TI are capable of reading temperatures with a resolution of 0.0625°C. With a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, these Digital Temperature Sensors are ideally suited to work in the Antenna Towers where they are exposed to extremes of temperature.

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