Telecom Shelter: Power Monitoring Unit (PMU)

Power Monitoring Unit for Telecom Shelter


Telecom Shelters are usually powered through various sources which include - AC/DC line supply, VRLA battery supply and Diesel generator. This topology provides fault tolerance and redundancy in case of failures. With increased focus towards renewable energy, Solar and Wind powered telecom shelters are becoming hot applications.

The complexity of the power supply set-up calls for precise monitoring and notification of any failures. This makes Power Supply Monitoring board an integral part of the telecom shelter unit. TI's wide range of Analog, Digital and Wireless products offers a comprehensive one stop solution to solve this problem.

TI has an all encompassing Power Management Portfolio that caters to a wide variety of Isolated and Non-Isolated Power Solutions. -48V received from Power supply block is fed into an Isolated DC/DC block which converts -48V to some intermediate voltage. Power topologies such as active-clamp forward, half bridge, and full bridge are commonly employed .Designs are typically comprised of a PWM controller geared toward a specific topology and MOSFET drivers. Certain PWM Controllers may integrate the MOSFET drivers. In addition TI also offers Isolated Plug-in Power Modules that designers can buy and use off the shelf. Step down Converters and Linear Regulators can help step voltages down to any intermediate rails that are required for operating other devices on the PMU Board. These parts have high efficiency and a wide range of input-output voltage ranges.

Inrush limiting is implemented to limit the current going to the board at startup. TI's Integrated Hot Swap Power Controllers are optimized for nominal -48V systems. The devices provide load current slew rate control and peak magnitude limiting. Most of the Hot Swap Controllers have digital interface for precise programming and monitoring and also have Power good and fault outputs.

The TI MSP430 processor family is the perfect choice of processor for performing all monitoring and housekeeping functions. Integrated high performance analog blocks provide a high degree of accuracy for applications requiring precise measurement and monitoring. Featuring High Performance, Flexibility, and a variety of peripheral options, the MSP430 allows applications to get implemented faster, using minimal code and power at lower cost. The new Stellaris family of ARM9 and ARM CortexA8 controller can be used as peripheral controller to provide Ethernet, CAN and USB connectivity. Battery voltage data extracted from VRLA batteries can be received through a central aggregator in the PMU system wirelessly. TI's Chipcon LPRF SoCs are ideally suited for this application.

TI also provides system level solution for AC and DC Energy Meters, which are integrated into this system.

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