Telecom Shelter: Wireless Battery Monitoring

Block diagram (SBD) for battery monitoring featuring TI’s Chipcon SoCs/Transcievers , MSP430 Microcontrollers, Power Management Devices and Interface Devices.


Telecom shelters generally have Lead-Acid battery back-up mechanism to provide constant -48V supply to the server and tower. 24 2V cells make this battery backup and are kept inside the telecom shelter. Monitoring these 2V cells from a remote location has been a tedious and expensive task. So it is important to have accurate information about the failure to diagnose and fix it properly.

Texas Instruments offers wireless solution to tackle this problem. Today wired solution is established all over the world and has some disadvantages. Connection mismatch, extra cost of implementation makes this solution unattractive. TI with its growing portfolio of Chipcon SoCs / Transceivers and MSP430 Microcontroller products is in a unique position to help customers solve this problem effectively and efficiently.

TI's SimpliciTI (royalty free RF protocol) is ideally suitable for such application and runs smoothly on Chipcon devices with greater than 8k flash. Chipcon CC2510 SoC comes with 12bit ADCs, 8051 core and RF transceiver integrated into a single chip. MSP430 Microcontroller offers industry best standby current and enviable amount of battery backup for such remotely monitored systems. Battery health status of each 2V cell (total 24cells) is communicated on a timely basis to a central aggregator inside the telecom shelter, which is further transmitted over GSM/GPRS to Central Exchange for remote monitoring and diagnosis.

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