Telecom Tower: Remote Radio Unit (RRU)

Remote Radio Unit that implements RF Front-End Processing for Wireless Communication


The traditional architecture of the radio infrastructure for cellular systems is based on complete, stand-alone Base Stations , usually realized as fully indoor equipment, connected on one side to the aerial elements (typically represented by a single TX antenna plus two receive antennas to realize RX diversity), and on the other side to the traffic network. Current technical and commercial trends have originated the development and use of different type of products to properly meet both traffic and coverage requirements of modern cellular networks and to flexibly support their expansion over time. One of the major players is the deployment of Remote Radio Units (RRU) also called Remote Radio Heads (RRH). A Remote Radio Unit is a single unit in which only the RF front-end functionalities are implemented. It is connected to the remaining baseband processing part (Base Band Unit- BBU) through a bidirectional link. It greatly reduces the carriers’ requirement for site resources and their investment and meanwhile improves the effect of coverage. In addition, it reduces feeder line loss and supports the cell merge of different RF units, so it can be used in special situations where traditional technology cannot solve problems, for example, the coverage of high-speed railway and ultra-long distance.

High level of Integration, Low Power loss and Small size are the key requirements of a RRU system. TI provides a complete board solution for designing a RRU.TI offers a single chip solution for the transmit path with DUC, CFR, and DPD functionalities all integrated together. This solution also provides excellent thermal dissipation. The Fully Integrated PLL/VCO and IQ Modulator from TI has high linearity and low noise floor.

The TI integrated approach reduces design complexity, power consumption, development time, implementation size, and BOM costs. The Software is flexible to accommodate new performance enhancements and is adaptable to emerging standards

The 16MSPS DAC family from TI supports LVDS interface with high data input rate, low noise floor and smaller footprint. In addition, configuration options that can offer the system flexibility to choose which image to use, to mix up to + Fs/4 or + Fs/8, select input data format etc makes it a popular choice among designers. The TI 250MSPS ADC family offers the best in class performance among 14 Bit ADCs. Selectable outputs give options for lowest power of best performance.

Sweeping across the RRU design, TI offers compatible Clock and Interface parts that mate perfectly with the rest of the board. The Ethernet Transceivers have superior signal integrity performance, support multiple standards and have flexible data rates. The low jitter clock synchronizer from TI perfectly meets the stringent demands of high speed data converters used in the RRU design. This provides low phase noise, ultra low additive jitter and has an external loop filter that gives maximum system flexibility.

TI has a complete power solution-Linear regulators, Step-down regulators and DC/DC converters for the RRU that can step down the incoming power supply rail to any intermediate level for powering all the chips on board.

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