Telecom Tower: Tower Mounted Amplifier (TMA)

Tower Mounted Amplifier System for improving Noise Figure of Telecom Antenna


A TMA (Tower Mounted Amplifier) amplifies signals from the antenna reducing the noise figure of a base transceiver station (BTS) which leads to an improved overall sensitivity of the BTS. The TMA consists of a low noise amplifier (LNA) and a filter which protects the LNA from high power signals. The TMA is mounted as close as possible to the antenna of BTS. The TMA separates the RF uplink (Rx) and downlink (Tx) signals through RF filters. In the uplink path the signal is amplified by redundant low noise amplifiers. If a malfunction occurs, the auto-bypass function is activated and an alarm is reported, ensuring system reliability at all times.

The TI MSP430 processor family is the perfect choice of processor for performing all monitoring and housekeeping functions. Integrated high performance analog blocks provide a high degree of accuracy for applications requiring precise measurement and monitoring. Featuring High Performance, Flexibility, and a variety of peripheral options, the MSP430 allows applications to get implemented faster, using less code and power at lower cost.

The RS485 Transceivers from TI offer performance far exceeding typical RS-485 devices. In addition to meeting all requirements of the TIA/EIA-485-A standard, they over an extended range of common-mode voltage, and have features such as high ESD protection, wide receiver hysteresis, and failsafe operation. This family of devices is ideally suited for long-cable networks and other applications where the environment is too harsh for ordinary transceivers.

TI has a complete power solution- Linear regulators, Step-down regulators and DC/DC converters for the TMA that can step down the 48V supply rail to any intermediate level for powering all other chips on board.

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