Video Broadcasting: IP-Based Multi-Format Transcoder

Video Broadcasting: IP-Based Multi-Format Transcoder Solutions from Texas Instruments

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Transcoding, which is the process of converting from one video format to another, is used quite extensively by video viewers even without their knowledge.  An example of this is a typical occurrence of transferring video from a camcorder to a PC for editing and then uploading the information onto a website such as YouTubeTM.  As the video data is being transferred, transcoding is taking place; e.g. camcorder (AVI format) to PC (MPEG-2 for editing; MPEG-4 for storage) to website (H.263/H.264/Flash/etc).  If the file is viewed on the PC from the website, transcoding is performed yet again to be viewed on RealPlayerTM or WindowsTM Media Player, for example.  It is this multi-format transcoding that was not achievable in a single SoC until now.
IP-based video infrastructure equipment are today high-performance systems due to the advent of HD video.  Because HD video carries inherently more data than standard video, the processing engine needed to transcode the video signal must: 1) have higher processing power; 2) convert to and from multiple formats, and 3) be capable of doing so in real-time.  The new DaVinci™ TMS320DM6467 can do just that.

High Performance and Flexibility:
DaVinci™ TMS320DM6467 digital media processors are designed to support the high-throughput, multiple-application requirements of video systems.  The programmable DM6467 processor supplies a high level of performance for handling real-time audio-video codec algorithms.  The DM6467 processor can be programmed to support any number of audio and video standards and can be updated easily as network configurations and service needs change.  Software partitioning into mathematically-intensive signal processing on the DSP and video accelerators, and control operations on the ARM® provides performance headroom for emerging applications.

System-on-a-chip (SoC) and Cost Savings:
SoC integration combines the DSP with high definition (HD) video and imaging coprocessors to provide the high-speed computation required for HD video encoding and decoding, plus an ARM926 RISC processor for user interfaces, system control and programming ease.  The DM6467 also integrates many of the external components required for digital video including 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet MAC, video scaler, chroma conversion hardware, standard PCI bus, and a high-speed memory subsystem that includes a two-level cache, interfaces to external memory and storage, and enhanced direct memory access (EDMA) control.

Quick Time to Market:
In addition to the processors, DaVinci™ technology also provides foundation software, algorithms and application program interfaces (APIs) that simplify video system development.

High-Power PoE:
With the combination of Texas Instruments’ powered device controllers and current mode PWM controllers, providing power to video systems with greater power requirements than those specified by the IEEE 802.3af standard (i.e. greater than 13W) can be easily achieved.

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