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In contrast to state-of-the-art "high-end" appliances, low-end appliances prioritize function over features to achieve rigorous cost objectives. TI provides traditional 5 V analog and logic commodity devices to meet this demand, as well as devices integrating relay drivers, zero-volt detection, brown-out detect, and 5 V linear regulation, which allow for keeping BoM (bill of materials) costs within budget.

5 V Logic and Analog: Texas Instruments provides the largest portfolio in the commodity space that gives designers the flexibility to choose from any logic function needed. Whether it’s an AND gate or a single-bit buffer that is needed on the board, TI has it. Likewise, TI offers a wide selection of standard linear devices for regulation (linear regulators), relays (relay drivers), signal conditioning (operational amplifiers), etc that are available in industrial temperature range.

Integration: Texas Instruments provides fully-integrated solutions such as the digital signal controllers (for digital motor control, PFC, and other system functions), and relay drivers that provide up to 8 channels, zero-volt detection, and 5 V linear regulation. Aside from the commonly-used 7 bit relay drivers (such as the ULN2003A Darlington arrays) TI also provides the 8 bit TPL9201 or TPL9202 to drive relays for water and drain valves, and triacs that may be used to turn the electric motor ON/OFF. These devices also have integrated features that allow for the detection of the zero-volt crossing of the secondary side of the power transformer. Information is fed back to the microcontroller that lets it know when to switch ON/OFF the relays for better long-term reliability of the relays themselves. A brown-out detect feature that provides an early notification in case of a decrease in power supply voltage is available on the TPL9202. These devices also carry an on-chip 5 V linear regulator to power 5 V logic or microcontrollers that may reside on the board.

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