Switches & multiplexers

Switches & multiplexers

Our portfolio supports a variety of configuration, voltage, bandwidth and package needs

Analog switches & multiplexers

Comprehensive portfolio of protection, precision and general-purpose switches and multiplexers to support end-to-end signal chain needs. This portfolio features a broad range of supply voltages (0.8 V to 36 V) to accommodate any mux and demux needs.

Buffered encoders & decoders

Devices with integrated inverters and drivers for binary decoding data selection.

Protocol specific switches & multiplexers

Protocol switches and muxes for data, power, video and audio applications, including USB, HDMI®, MIPI, DisplayPort™, PCIe, LVDS, DDR and LAN.

Power switches

Power switches provide an electrical connection from a voltage source or ground to a load. Our diverse portfolio includes several topologies to enable power sequencing, protection against common IC events, diagnostic telemetry and more.

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