Internet of Things - Challenges

The building blocks of technology require delivery on the most fundamental challenges. There are multiple challenges associated with connecting to the IoT.  From the complex environment to security, TI provides innovative and reliable products, software and cloud partners to help guide you. 

The top 6 challenges facing IoT and how we are overcoming them


Variety of wired and wireless connectivity standards are required to enable different application
needs. TI has the industry’s broadest wireless and wired connectivity offering covering over 14 standards

Security is vital

Protecting users' privacy and manufacturers' IP; detecting and blocking malicious activity.  TI devices have built-in state-of-the-art hardware security technology.

Power is critical

Many IoT applications need to run for years over batteries and reduce the overall energy consumption. TI’s low power devices enable years of battery operation and harvested-powered devices

Sensing a complex environment

Innovative ways to sense and deliver information from the physical world to the cloud TI offers sensing technology that addresses a wide variety of applications.

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Cold chain in the IoT

Ecosystem is important

IoT applications require certified end-to-end solutions including cloud services and mobile applications. TI’s cloud ecosystem partners enable faster time to market of new products and services