Internet of Things - Products

End-to-end solutions for the IoT

Choosing the optimal technology or combination of technologies is one of the biggest considerations for any IoT applications.  TI’s power, analog signal chain, sensing, processing and connectivity integrated circuits make it easier to collect, analyze and transmit intelligent data, allowing you to connect anything, anywhere.             


Take advantage of the industry’s widest portoflio of wired & wireless connectivity technologies with the SimpleLink™ MCU Platform- delivering flexible hardware, software and tool options for your IoT applications.


TI’s flexible processor portfolio powers the IoT, from gateways to nodes, with unrivaled scalability via a unified software platform.


TI’s broad portfolio of MSP430™ microcontrollers, tools and software allows customers to innovate and create sensing and measurement IoT applications with ultra-low-power and integrated analog and peripherals.


IoT systems need to accurately sense conditions in complex environments, often in the most space- and power-constrained settings. TI’s sensor innovations enable faster, smaller and more precise sensing for the IoT.

Power management

TI provides the broadest portfolio of innovative power management integrated circuits and easy-to-use design resources that allow designers to quickly develop Internet-ready applications that connect to the cloud and connect with each other.


TI's large portfolio of amplifiers features industry-leading operational amplifiers, comparators and current sense amplifiers that seamlessly sync with the rest of our product portfolio to deliver a complete IoT solution.

Data converters

TI data converters seamlessly sync with the rest of our product portfolio to deliver a complete IoT solution.


TI isolators deliver best-in-class reliability, immunity, and performance to provide isolation between the communications and MCU sides of IoT systems.

DLP® products

Real-time substance analysis powered by the IoT. Bring near-infrared (NIR) spectroscopy to the cloud using DLP Advanced Light Control solutions paired with TI connectivity solutions providing connectivity integration, mobile sensing, and robust data.