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The automobile is designed to operate in a harsh environment where vehicle electronics must perform reliably while enduring high temperatures, low voltage start-stop conditions and cold crank situations. The DRV3000 family was designed specifically for these situations. The DRV3000 family is also the industry’s first automotive motor driver family meeting the functional safety requirements of ISO 26262.

  • Optimized component count and board space for cost and space-sensitive applications:  The DRV3205-Q1 integrates three high performance sense amplifiers, a watchdog timer and system monitoring circuits to reduce component count and minimize system cost and board space. The DRV3201-Q1 additionally integrates phase comparators for diagnostics during off-state or during motor operation.

  • Built-in diagnostics: The DRV3000 family of motor drivers integrates hard-wired diagnostic circuits including a pre-FET driver short, over/under voltage and over temperature. The system’s microcontroller can quickly communicate with the DRV3000 family and monitor internal status through serial peripheral interface (SPI).

  • Devices help customers design applications to meet the functional safety requirements of ISO 26262:  DRV3205-Q1 can help TI customers design critical-safety applications, such as electric power steering and electric braking systems, to meet ASIL-D requirements.

  • Design simplicity for start-stop and cold crank applications: With an integrated boost regulator, the DRV3201-Q1 and DRV3205-Q1 eliminate the need for a large capacitor to hold battery voltage. This integration simplifies design and speeds up development time.

Design Kits & Evaluation Modules  ( 2 )

Name Part Number Tool Type
DRV3201EVM Evaluation Module  DRV3201EVM  Evaluation Modules & Boards 
DRV3205-Q1 Three-Phase Automotive Gate Driver Evaluation Module  DRV3205EVM  Evaluation Modules & Boards 

TI Devices (2)

Part Number Name Product Family
DRV3201-Q1  3 Phase Motor Driver-IC for Automotive Safety Applications  Motor drivers 
DRV3205-Q1  3-phase automotive gate driver with three current shunt amps and enhanced protection and diagnostics  Motor drivers 

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